Monday, October 11, 2010

Brazil or Bust

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There is absolutely no question what my family's ultimate vacation would be, we're even collecting bottles and cans to be turned into cold hard coin to fund the trip.  We're not super confident we'll raise enough in this way, but wouldn't that been a cool story?  If you've read many of my posts, you'll see we are a pretty soccer obsessed family.  I'm even on a team now, although still not as big of a fan of watching professional games, especially when my husband heckles the opposing team's coach.  You may have been swept up in a world-wide sporting event which combines the Superbowl, World Series and a bit of the Olympics thrown in for good measure...the Copa Mundial de FĂștbol is what much of the world calls it.


Our dream would be to fly to Brazil in 2014, world cup soccer tickets in hand.  The soccer games would be awesome, of course, but we are also in love with the country and people.  One son has included becoming a Brazilian citizen and playing for their national team in his life plan.  My husband's been twice for coaching clinics, and I joined him once and found the laid back lifestyle, the warmth in the people and the diversity just wonderful.  We spent one evening at a coaches house, where he was throwing a party for his girls team.  An incredible display of food was laid out, and when I mentioned I had not yet tried the national drink, the host walked across the street for a lime, muddled it up with some sugar and voila.  The kids plan to learn Brazilian Portuguese over the next few years, but given that many people there speak Spanish they will be our tour guides.

We don't want to just see games and indulge in buffet style eating, there are the beautiful beaches, where my kids could join the locals in a rousing game of futbol, the world-famous Brazilian celebrations and the sites such as the incredibly gorgeous Iguazu Falls.  This means of course many plane tickets, as Brazil is a huge country.  This is a dream vacation, though, so let's throw those in as well.  And who wants to wait four years, so nothing wrong with a trip before then.

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