Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Shoot!

All I can say is wow, just wow, when I look at the photos I received in my email box a few days ago. Thanks to Silicon Valley Moms blog and Images by Anna (Anna's a blogger there too) I got the opportunity to not only have some professional shots done, but by a photographer I knew my family (read, my picky photographer husband) would love. Nothing stiff or posed about the shots on her site, she aims to capture the spirit, the wildness and the silliness of the kids, and the love the families have for each other. Even when I read through the guide and knew my kids would never fit into her suggested "styles" (classic, modern, etc.) I felt no worries about showing up in soccer gear, cuz that's who they are.

I was a little worried about my children. They are are sweet and kind and fun, but can take a while to warm up and we had exactly 20 minutes for this session and I did not want to waste it. We have tons of photos of the kids, but not a lot of the whole family and no professional ones since we got free baby ones a million (okay, 5) years ago which came with too many strings attached. I begged, pleaded, bribed with the promise of Hobees and let them wear their favorite (clean) jerseys and roll down the hill before we started. We met Anna in a park and from the minute she applauded the dirt my son managed to find within 5 minutes in the huge expanse of grass, I knew we'd found the right person.

She forced us to relax, show our love and giggle, she got my kids to play around and not hide behind their mommy or jump into daddy's arms, their usual reaction when any new adult talks to them.
I cannot wait to hang some of these up in my house, to create a space just to relax while I admire the family, as she suggests on her site.

My kids are all about the goofy, silly and crazy looks. Not only did Anna capture these, but the kids look incredibly happy underneath it all. My husband loved them, although he now thinks he needs a little botox to get his eyes to open more...I'm signing us both up next year. This guy certainly needs no such thing.

We just cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity.

Disclaimer: I received a free photo session and five web resolution photos from Images by Anna as well as a discount on orders from her site of those photos. I was under no obligation to write a favorable review, this is all my own experience.