Monday, July 26, 2010

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Why did I get this tweet the other day?  We were fortunate to get free tickets to the threesixty° Peter Pan show, where I also got to see a bunch of blogging friends, including the ultra-marathoner Kari (okay, not quite there yet, but close), who wrote a much more thorough review of t he show here if you're interested.  While her kids were talking about fairies, mine were choosing characters for some imaginary game.  Given my options of Tink or Wendy (since I was a girl and they could not remember Tiger Lily), I chose Captain Hook.  To annoy his brother, who got to be Peter Pan, Keegan chose Captain Jack Sparrow.  I hope my kids "grow up" to be as brave and adventurous as Peter Pan, provided they always come back to their mommy.
My mom told me about this show months ago, well before it came to town, and ironically I was hoping she might take us, or at least the kids, as I suspected it was out of my budget (no, I never want to grow up, either).  So what a great opportunity to get tickets, which "forced" me to take a half day off work and bring the kids to a rare trip to San Francisco. 

The theater was really magical, with the flying stunts and the 360 degree projection screen that really brought life to the story, allowing the characters to fly underwater and then back up through the forest.  I had asked my kids what they know about Peter Pan, which wasn't much, but they still enjoyed the show, at least they said they did the day after. Poor Keegan had a tummy ache for the first half and squirmed and groaned in my lap.  Donovan loves watching movies and plays, but started in on the questions and moving around just about 2 seconds after the "please ask your children to stay in their seats and speak in a whisper" announcement.

It really was kid-friendly, though, with the flying and fighting scenes, which were more like dancing.  I loved the creativity of the sets, with the animals having a puppeteer right on stage, the giant crocodile, the bath tub boat and of course the giant screen.  I did find the story a bit scattered and strange, although it's likely I just don't remember Peter Pan very well.  The theme of him wanting a mommy and the girls wanting a boyfriend was completely lost on my kids and didn't seem too fit well into the play. 

We loved the humor, Captain Hook tough as nails except when he becomes so frightened of the mean old crocodile.  The lost boys were endearing and fun,  and my son is still yelling out (spoiler alert) "Slightly Spoiled" (no pun intended) - the name of one of the Lost Boys. Trouble-maker Tink, with her army boots and ripped abs to go with her pink tutu was just awesome.

It was great getting to meet the Darling family members after the show.  The kids got their autographs and I got some pictures.  They were so friendly and sweet and impressed with my son's Manchester United soccer jersey.
You can get tickets here.  The place is small enough that every seat is a good one, and make sure you stop by the incredible water structure across the street.

Disclaimer: SHNSF provided my family with four tickets to see the show.  They also allowed us access to some of the cast members and yummy refreshments after the show.  I was under no obligation to write this review, but really appreciated the opportunity and had a great time.